“Your art celebrates life! Thank you for the beauty!” ~ K.M. and S.M

Octopus' Garden clip

“You have a clarity, a peace, a sense of self that is bedrock solid. Most do not.” ~ R.S.

They glow from within!” ~ R.C.

“Fantastic creations!” ~ G. V.

“For me, Roka’s art was love at first sight. Vibrant colors swirl around delicate flowers with pollen covered stamens. Natural yet surreal. Saturated and sensual. The beauty is palpable. Her pieces changed my home.” ~ T.S. 

“Wonderful and inspiring.” ~ S. E. 

“Such beautiful images. I love the book!” ~ S. O.  (referring to the Crow Book).

“The picture is a beautiful flower that symbolizes purity like a white butterfly and like a white dove (Feather Bed).  The detail of the center is very interesting and brings you in to look closer. The center has many yellow pods on yellow stems and centered from that is a green bulb with black hairs and a yellow star on top.  The wonderful combination of color and texture highlights the gentle soft feeling that flows from this wonderful print. That is what I see.” ~ M.L.

“Thank you, Roka, for creating such beautiful works of art. You are gifted and I’m so glad to have come to know about your galleries.” ~ E.V.

“Lovely! Extraordinary!” ~ J.S.

“You are doing what I see many of the great, pioneering photographers do!…Take the mediums of their time, as far as their imaginations will carry them in expressing as many dimensions of beauty as they can perceive and conceive. Your work is truly a beautiful exploration!” ~ S. W.

“Beautifully rendered work, richly evokes thoughts and feelings in the viewer. Packaging was exceptional.” ~ S. S.

“As an aspiring writer, myself, I admire any artist who is brave and determined enough to put their art out on display for the world to see. Your work is beautiful. Thank you for being an example of what can happen to artists who are willing to go through the efforts to achieve their desire. ~M.

“Love love love my new picture. Knew I had to have it the moment I first saw it. Thank you Roka.” ~ C.F.

“Love this photo! Originally wanted it because sunflowers are my favorite flower – when I rec’d the matted photo, it was better than I expected. Roka’s integration of 3 photos to create this beautiful art brings the depth of composition to life. The vivid colors and subtle nostalgic theme are a perfect match to my home. Thank you, Roka!” ~ P.A.

“Wonderful! So glad I got to see your work — even more spectacular than online! Love your painterly quality”. ~ R.C

Counting Crows is brooding.  Counting Crows struck me for the many layers of association yet the simple mood it evokes.  It is a conference of infinitely intelligent, totally lively, wise-ass sages!  The light is other-worldly at the end or beginning of something, brilliantly somber.  For me and for my wife, to whom I gave it, it transcends questions like “are they crows or are they ravens?”  Maybe it boils down to how much we know and, perhaps, no matter how much we know, we are the objects of laughter!  And it is beautiful!” ~ S.W.


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