Rhino Eye

Rhino Eye – Endangered Species Series

When I heard about the death of Sudan, believed to be the last male Northern White Rhino, I was heartbroken. Another species lost. So many are falling so fast. This planet (and we humans, along with it) won’t survive without our precious beasts and bugs and birds, trees, flowers, oceans, and the list goes on. I have long wanted address climate change and/or our endangered species, but never really developed a concept of what I would do. When Sudan died, I knew at once what I would do. I would focus (no pun intended) on their eye (well…actually just one). They say that eyes are the window to the soul. I doubt anyone knows for sure, but it’s certain that they reflect emotions, so it seems to be an appropriate choice. Not having easy physical access to these animals, it was clear that photographing them was out of the question. I have been drawing since I was in grade school (much longer than I’ve been behind a camera) and it is one of my favorite artistic processes.

So – drawing and Photoshop (I love PS almost as much as drawing) would be my main mediums – along with photographs, painting, printmaking, and handmade and altered papers to transform the drawings.
Creating art using these processes to address the issue of our endangered animals is exciting and rewarding. Of course, I’ll still create my photographic work, which I believe reflects beauty, as we all need that form of art, as well.

I hope you’ll follow along as I embark on this artistic journey.
For more info – https://www.worldwildlife.org/species/rhino

Printed on metallic paper.

Illustration with photographs textured paper — digitally layered and manipulated.
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Endangered Species Series

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